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Reliable broadband and voice solutions fit for you.


Reliable Business-Grade Broadband

Stay connected to your customers. We can install new lines, transfer existing ones, and more.

Virtual Landline

Our virtual landlines let you keep your work and home life seperate. Take business calls on your mobile from anywhere in the World.

24-Hour Support

With 3 support channels and a multitude of support documentation, we’ll help you when you need it most.

Sole Trader Broadband


This type of broadband is available to 99% of people living in the UK today. It has the lowest maximum bandwidth of the broadband technologies, at 24 Mbps, but a 24 Mbps broadband connection is still suitable for streaming, browsing the Internet, and sending emails. As you may already be aware, if your speed is below 5 Mbps on ADSL, your Internet experience may be rather slow. Use our broadband availability checker below to check your speeds.

SoGEA/FTTC/Superfast Broadband

This type of broadband is available to a high percentage of UK addresses. It’s 3 times faster than ADSL, at 80 Mbps downstream. It’s more expensive than ADSL, but web browsing is much faster, and cloud-based applications will function more smoothly.

FTTP/Ultrafast Fibre

This type of broadband uses a full fibre connection all the way from the exchange to your premises. Maximum speeds are very high (up to 1 Gbps). If you are looking for the fastest, most reliable broadband, then FTTP is for you.

Installations and Transfers


  • Brand new broadband installations take 1 – 2 hours. There is a lead time of 10 days on average, so if you need broadband by a certain date, get in touch with us at least 30 days before your deadline to ensure everything is completed on time.


  • It is possible to fast-track a broadband installation, but this incurs an additional cost. Sometimes, it is impossible to fast-track your order. Please ask us about fast-tracking your order if you would like this service.


  • If you have broadband with another provider, we can usually transfer your existing service to ours without needing a brand new installation. You will need to change your modem/router’s authentication details when the transfer is finished in order to use our service. Help on how to do this can be found via your modem/router manufacturer’s website.


  • We can provide a preconfigured router for you. You can power it on and connect your devices to it and it will automatically configure itself to work with your broadband service without any user interaction.

If Something Goes Wrong


We pride ourselves on our highly resilient broadband network, but it’s inevitable that planned maintenance or unexpected outages will occur at some point. To help our customers better understand what is happening, when, and why, we show large notices to your control panel when something has gone wrong. You can also see when something will be fixed.


Sole Trader Broadband Pricing

Prices may vary based on product availablility and chosen product.


Virtual Landline

When you get a virtual landline from us, you can promote a local landline number that diverts all incoming calls to your mobile (or any other telephone). Before answering, you know if the call is business-related.

76% of consumers surveyed think landline numbers are more professional than mobile numbers. Take advantage of this and improve your business’ image.

Installations and Transfers


  • We can get your virtual landline set up and working within 30 minutes.


  • Virtual landlines do not get installed physically, and do not come with installation fees.


  • It is not possible to transfer your existing virtual landline configuration to our platform. You can recreate any configuration so long as we share the same features as your old provider.


  • We currently support the porting (transferring) of geographical UK telephone numbers (01 and 02 landline numbers).

If Something Goes Wrong


Like with our broadband network, we pride ourselves on our highly resilient voice network. Virtual landlines are less affected by physical conditions than analogue phone lines, but they are reliant on your Internet access.

We always do our best to ensure your voice service never drops out for any disruptive amount of time. You can improve uptimes by upgrading your broadband connection, upgrading your network hardware, or with resiliency options.

We can be contacted 24/7 in case you need support with our virtual landline product.


Virtual Landline Pricing

Telephone Numbers

Telephone numbers are split into 5 categories:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Ported

Platinum numbers are more expensive than Bronze numbers because they are more memorable. The more expensive the number, the more memorable it is.

Bronze - Least Memorable

No setup charge | £0.50/month or £5 annually.

Silver - Slightly Memorable

£7.50 one-time setup charge | £2.25/month or £22.50 annually.

Gold - Memorable

£37.50 one-time setup charge | £15/month or £150 annually.

Platinum - Extremely Memorable

£37.50 one-time setup charge | £30/month or £300 annually.

Ported - Your Previous Landline Number

£17.25 one-time setup charge | No monthly charge


Web Hosting, Email, & Domains

With Ballscoigne, your web hosting, emails, and domains are all in the same place as your broadband and virtual landline. With our accessible control panel, you can easily take control of your website.

Save time and money by keeping everything in one place.

Installations and Transfers


  • We can get you set up within half an hour in most cases.


  • Transferring your hosting is Ballscoigne is possible. Please get in touch with our support team to arrange this.

If Something Goes Wrong


You can contact us at any time in case something goes wrong or if something does not go as expected.

Our servers create automatic backups daily.


Sole Trader Hosting Pricing

*Only,,, and .uk domains are eligible.

Need More? (Or Less?)

We are very flexible with our shared hosting specs. Send us an email with the bandwidth or storage you want.

Alternatively, you can start off at one bandwidth and disk space quota and then upgrade at a later date.


Getting Started


Step 1

Choose one or more products. If you need help deciding, please get in touch for advice.


Step 2

We will set up your chosen product(s) and give you any training you may require.

Step 3

Your product(s) will go live. If you need any further support or have any questions, you can get in touch 24/7.

Let Us Help You

We are ready and waiting for you to get in touch with us. If you need help choosing a product, we can advise you. If you already know what you need, our team can get you set up quickly with your new services.