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Elevate your business broadband with a reliable product that’s not oversold

Every business needs reliable, unfailing broadband. Why shouldn’t ISPs treat their flagship product as anything less than solid gold?

  • Support the growth of your business by using an ISP that’s committed to providing an unfaultering service.
  • Get the competitive edge over your competition by staying online longer with broadband backed by a highly resilient network built by people passionate about computer networking.
  • Our contracts are no longer than 12 months so you can always take advantage of the latest technologies.
  • Unlimited and unmetered data for today’s video calling and remote working demands.
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What is Business Broadband?

Business broadband uses the same core technology as residential broadband, so where they differentiate is less on speeds and more on reliability and customer service.

Our business broadband is built upon a highly resilient network that reduces downtime.

Unlike residential ISPs, we can invest more in upgrading and hardening our network, which means you get an uninterrupted connection for longer periods of time.

You don’t share your broadband with gamers or Netflix streamers either, so you won’t get slow-downs in peak times.

Why Ballscoigne?

Small Enough to Care

  • No one’s spinning plates in an understaffed call centre to handle our customer service – we’re a small team of knowledgeable individuals who understand outstanding customer service is good for business.

Strong Industry Links

  • We’re integrated with carriers like BT Wholesale – faults are fully automated so you don’t have to wait for us to relay information to the carrier, shaving off hours of time.
  • Only qualified Openreach engineers expertly connect your premises to our network.


We’ll compete with your current business broadband supplier on:

  1. customer service
  2. ease-of-use
  3. and, most importantly, de-stress – far too many business owners and decision makers are needlessly stressed by business broadband due to a lack of communication.
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What Do You Get With Ballscoigne Business Broadband?

Router Procurement Service

If you don’t have your own, we will provide you with a Wi-Fi router perfect for business use. We have developed relationships with distributers, so if you are looking for a specific brand, we can source it for you.

Static IP Address

This option ensures that the IP address of the connection does not change. This is useful in many situations from the ability to access your network anywhere in the world via remote desktop, SSH and a host of other services. Other less common uses include running email, web and even game servers.

Routed Blocks

Get up to 14 usable static IP addresses for your broadband connection. Routed IP addresses are useful for multiple server environments that each require their own public address on the internet. This also bypasses the need for NAT configuration and restrictive port forwarding router configurations.

IPv6 Support

Our IPv6 addresses are assigned in blocks of /48s and work in a similar way to routed blocks. They are also completely free.

The Latest Technologies

Get access to the latest and greatest in business broadband technology developments when you switch to Ballscoigne. We’re currently developing M2M/mobile solutions when fixed line business broadband just won’t do.


Are There Guarantees?

Every single Ballscoigne customer benefits from our agreements with Openreach and the carrier:

With fixed line broadband (broadband delivered over copper or fibre lines), any faults that are detected within our network, Openreach’s network, or the carrier’s network are our responsibility and will be fixed free of charge.

We can’t always account for storms, freak accidents, and plain old back luck – but it is in our best interests to get you reconnected ASAP if something ever goes wrong. All our connections are monitored and emails are sent out if a connection is down for over 5 minutes. If you need guaranteed Internet access, please see our leased lines.


The pricing below is purely indicative and dependent on broadband technology that is available to your premises. A final quotation will be provided to you before purchase.


We offer 1 and 12 month contracts on some of our broadband products, but these do not come with free installation.

Please call or email for more information on these products.

Whistle-Stop Tour of Business Broadband


This type of broadband is available to 99% of people living in the UK today. It has the lowest maximum bandwidth of the broadband technologies, at 24 Mbps, but a 24 Mbps broadband connection is still suitable for streaming, browsing the Internet, and sending emails. As you may already be aware, if your speed is below 5 Mbps on SOTAP, your Internet experience may be rather slow. Use our broadband availability checker below to check your speeds.

SOGEA/Superfast Broadband

This type of broadband is available to a high percentage of UK addresses. It’s 3 times faster than SOADSL, at 80 Mbps downstream. It’s more expensive than SOADSL, but web browsing is much faster, and cloud-based applications will function more smoothly.

FTTP/Ultrafast Fibre

This type of broadband uses a full fibre connection all the way from the exchange to your premises. Maximum speeds are very high (up to 1 Gbps). If you are looking for the fastest, most reliable broadband, then FTTP is for you.

Book A Consultation Call

When it comes to business broadband, it can be difficult to know what your business really needs.

We have done our best to give you all the information required to choose the best broadband product for your company. However, it’s always nice to have a second opinion.

We can help you decide what kind of business broadband is best for you, and a consultation call also has the added benefit of speeding the delivery process up because we will learn how to proceed with your order in the fastest way.


“Ballscoigne’s broadband is so much more reliable than my last provider’s. I used to expect monthly outages, but now I don’t have to worry. I’m paying similar prices to my old contract but I’m getting a much better service so it’s worth it.”

Arnold Weaver

MD, Arnold Weaver Ltd

“Ballscoigne have been exceptional. My broadband was installed very quickly, and the connection speed/stability is excellent.

I was kept informed every step of the way through the installation process, and their support line is very helpful and answered all of my questions with no fuss.

All in all I would highly recommend Ballscoigne.”


Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help.

How do I place an order?

Before ordering, please send us an enquiry. We need to get to know your business before offering services.

What is bandwidth and how much of it do I need?

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that can be sent over the network. The higher your bandwidth is, the faster you will be able to download and upload files, stream video, and browse the internet. You will also notice higher video and audio quality in conference calls if you have a higher bandwidth connection. It’s a safe bet to choose our Superfast+ Broadband deal if you are unsure as to how much you need.

What happens at the end of my contract?

Once your contract ends, you will be placed on a monthly rolling contract, meaning you will receive a monthly bill just like before, but you do not have to stay with us. Your service will not end automatically or unexpectedly.

How long does a new installation take?

New installations have a lead time of 10 days.

Something's gone wrong! What should I do?

Please report a fault by emailing our support team (“Support Request” in your control panel) or call 0330 043 2568. Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number. A qualified Openreach engineer may be called out to fix your fault.

Will I need to use a new router?

You should be able to use any router that supports PPPoE for SOGEA/SOGFast/FTTP or PPPoA for SOADSL. Once you become a member, full router settings and setup guides will become available to you. If you do not own a router, or are unsure if your current router would support our broadband, please contact us.

How can I see my potential speeds?

Use our Broadband Availability Checker on this page or give us a call.

Important Information
  • Fibre broadband is not supplied with any form of warranty. It may take the carrier more than 24 hours to fix some problems.
  • For those operating mission critical applications, it is always recommended that you consider a backup Internet connection or a more resilient solution with a service level agreement, such as a leased line.
  • Fibre is a contended service. As such, latency and pings times can vary. We cannot make any guarantees regarding the speeds achieved. Each fibre product does come with a minimum downstream speed that, if fallen below, constitutes a fault.
  • Please do not make requests for part refunds, good will gestures, or free services in the event of less than desirable performances. We are unable to offer these. We will always ensure that any faults are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • The quality and speed of your broadband will be affected by your line. If you suffer from poor quality calls, crackles, or any form of interference these are issues you must take up with your line rental supplier. They are outside of our influence and should be treated as voice affecting faults. Once addressed, you may find that the broadband faults are also fixed. If you have line rental with us, please get in touch.
  • No matter how tedious some of the questions we ask you may seem when fault fixing, we only ask for information that will assist in getting a quicker fix to your problem.
  • After your contract ends, the price of your broadband may increase by at lesat £10 per month. This is subject to change. We will contact you before your contract ends to offer you a re-contract deal.

Digital Phone Line FAQ

What is a digital phone line?

A digital phone line isn’t really a line. It’s a different way of handling telephone calls entirely over the Internet.

Do I need a digital phone line?

Yes, Openreach have released a stop sell on new line rental installations and migrations, so you must use a digital phone line (VoIP) if you wish to make calls.

Is a digital phone line different to Cloud Voice/Hosted Telephony/VoIP?

No, they are all exactly the same thing, although to avoid confusing consumers, Big Telecom has decided to call simple VoIP services Digital Phone Lines. Our hosted VoIP comes with full IPPBX functionality.

Can I use my existing telephone with a digital phone line?

Yes, but you will need to purchase an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) in order for it to work. Some ATAs, such as the Grandstream HT812, support automatic provisioning in our VoIP control panel.

Do I need to change my alarms/EPOS/card machines/lifts/personal care system/London Oyster card machine?

Yes, all products which use analogue phone lines must be replaced with digital equivalents. Industries are required to produce digital/non-PSTN-dependent equivalents of their previous technologies, so you will still be able to have these systems working.

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