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At Ballscoigne, we specialize in providing top-tier connectivity and telephony solutions exclusively for businesses.

Our compact, dedicated team ensures closer, more personalized support, enabling your business to achieve more with seamless communication solutions. It’s something you don’t get from big companies.

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Get in touch with us today and let’s see if we can work together. Our helpful sales and technical team is ready to answer your queries.

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Julia Baker

I would just like to recommend Ballscoigne. I was without a phoneline due to BT switching to fibre digital on my phone line, l had no idea that my house phone system wouldn’t work. I spent hours trying to find out what BT were going to do about the problem, they offered me a phone and plug. After a month of no phone I found Ballscoigne who at last managed to sort my problem out.


Ballscoigne’s broadband is so much more reliable than my last provider’s. I used to expect monthly outages, but now I don’t have to worry. I’m paying similar prices to my old contract but I’m getting a much better service so it’s worth it.

Laura McIntire, MD, Gardjin Ltd

I have a couple of offices and both need to communicate with each other and make calls. Ballscoigne’s hosted VoIP gives me a great phone system that’s easy to use and I can have my work calls sent to my mobile if I’m out.

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