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Broadband Affiliate Programme

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Generous Commissions Across All Our Products

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Promote to the whole of the UK. Use our broadband checker to see what products are available to your customer.

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Promote business and home broadband, traditional landline service, VoIP, SIP trunking, Anti-Malware, and so much more.

Broadband Affiliate Programme, VoIP Affiliate Programme, Telecoms Affiliate Programme

How Does The Ballscoigne Affiliate Programme Work?

Step 1

Sign up using the form below and fill in the requested information.

Step 2

Once you are accepted, we will email you a unique signup link that links all sign ups to you. When a customer you referred makes a purchase, you make a commission.

Step 3

We pay out to you monthly when we bill our customers. You will receive all your commissions each month.

Affilliate Signup

Fill out the form below to request access to our affiliate programme.

Affiliate Rates

10 Sales Per Month 10%
20 Sales Per Month 15%
30 Sales Per Month 20%
40 Sales Per Month 25%
50 Sales Per Month 30%
10 Sales Per Month 10%
20 Sales Per Month 15%
30+ Sales Per Month 20%
∞ Sales Per Month 5%
∞ Sales Per Month 5%

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help.

How do I get paid?

We will pay you via PayPal for all successful conversions you bring in.

Which products can I promote?

Once you have been accepted, you will be able to promote any of our products using a unique URL that we will give to you.

When do I get paid?

Once we have collected the customer’s first payment (around the 11th of every month), you will be paid the following week.

Can I increase my commission rate?

Yes, there are multiple ways to do this. We offer higher commission rates (up to 50%) for affiliates that achieve over 50 new customers per month. Secondly, you can promote our higher priced deals (contact us to generate these specific offers) in order to get a more money from your current commission rate.

Do I need to provide any support?

No, you will not need to provide any support to customers you refer to us. We handle billing and support for you.

How will I know if a potential customer can use your services?

99% of people living in the United Kingdom can access our broadband and telephone phone line products. Once a customer you referred signs up, we direct them to the best available product.

Can I refer people from outside the UK?

We cannot provide broadband to anyone living outside of the UK. Oversees customers can use our VoIP, SMS, Email to Fax/Fax to Email service, and Anti-Malware products.

How long do I get commission for?

You will receive commission for up to 12 months after the customer you referred signs up.